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Panasonic’s goal with the EP-MA70 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair is to transport you to a luxury spa. Panasonic wants you to feel as if you are in the most relaxing location that is currently possible. With a wide variety of massage options, a combination of ceramic heat rollers and 3D massage heads, they all work together to do a great job of loosening up tight muscles. A longer S-track and computer body scanning technology create a recipe for an incredibly deep massage. Panasonic massage chairs are the first massage chairs to be approved by the largest professional association of chiropractic doctors in the world. They may not be able to actually send you to a luxury spa resort, but they are going to get you pretty close with the EP-MA70.

Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair

The Inada Dreamwave massage chair’s award-winning design and unrivaled craftsmanship make it a beautiful addition to your home or office. An addition that will provide years of relaxation and stress relief that you deserve. Patented technologies like the Dreamwave Technology and the Shiatsu Point locator will make sure to provide the therapeutic relief you need. The Dreamwave set the standard on what a high-end massage chair should be.

Retail: 6,999    SALE  $3,499

Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair

Rejuvenation and distinctive style for health and home. Take a vacation from your everyday. Make your escape in the Positive Posture Brio. Its L-Track Massage Technology means that Brio provides a true full-body massage from head to toe delivering relaxing relief to areas often missed by other massage chairs. Programmed with ten expertly choreographed massages, the Brio also offers hundreds of manual massage combinations to provide customized relief. Quiet your body, clear your mind, and loosen your muscles…and do it all from the comfort of your own home.

BRIO Massage Chair