We procure and combine the finest, most luxurious components that offer exceptional performance and exquisite comfort.

Our mattresses use naturally infused materials such as long-lasting and uplifting latex rubber for the comfort and support layers. Our latex is Oeko-Tex certified. Our mattresses are free of polyurethane foams, and the layers are assembled with non-toxic, water-based glue.

Encasing our latex on all four sides is a generous amount of all-natural, long fiber wool between two layers of all-natural cotton, which is knitted. Our mattresses are boric acid and antimony free, of course.

Both cotton and wool can help warm you when you are cool and cool you when you are warm throughout the night. Additionally, both materials wick moisture from your body while you sleep.

Our mattress covers feature Tencelâ„¢-faced fabric. Tencel is derived from wood pulp and uses nanotechnology that is moisture absorbent, incredibly supple, and exceptionally durable.