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 The Best Mattress in the World

For over 100 years VISPRING has constantly striven to improve the quality, comfort, and durability of its luxury bedding products. This is achieved through embracing positive technical development whilst retaining the best elements from the original recipe. Examples include VISPRING’s pioneering of Soft, Medium, and Firm mattress spring tensions, Combination and Zipped mattresses, and double layer ‘double-pocket’ constructions.

Starting from the The Elite up to the The Masterpiece, is a stepping stone in terms of increased springs and natural fillings, which collectively helps to justify the various price points. Each model has its own unique feel providing the perfect solution for every individual taste.

VISPRING offers the consumer, no matter what their weight, size, or shape a luxurious natural bed that is exactly right for them and is unequaled in comfort, quality, and support.